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Aisha, born Aisha Kamilah Goodison, is a singer, songwriter, author, producer, director, cinematographer, playwright, inventor and blogger.

Aisha is one of the most famous bloggers online. Her websites have broken over 100 exclusive stories, including the following scandals: News Corp phone hacking, NSA illegally Spying On Americans, IRS Targeting Conservatives, The FBI’s Secret File Room and Patriot Act abuses.

Aisha began writing poetry at age 4, songs at age 8 and film scripts at 16-years of age. Aisha began copyrighting materials with the Library of Congress at age 14.

Aisha has authored over 14,000 songs, 500 movie scripts, treatments and short stories, 50 television show treatments, 30 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 1000 photographs, 100 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line, among other items, apart of her Copyrighted Catalog registered with the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Aisha has recorded many songs, with new material set for release in 2014. They will be accompanied by music videos she scripted.

Aisha’s first forthcoming film is entitled “Justice And Truth. “ Filming began in 2013. The film is an inside take on the News Corp phone hacking scandal, as well as the Anthony Pellicano wiretap case, among other things.

Aisha broke the phone hacking scandal first in 2005 via her websites. In 2005, Aisha also gave the FBI a firsthand account of Anthony Pellicano’s illegal activities in Hollywood, during two interviews they requested in Miami. Pellicano was arrested 4-months later and is currently in prison, after being found guilty on sweeping wiretapping, hacking, racketeering and identity theft charges, conduct he criminally engaged in on behalf of Hollywood stars who hired him to target others.

Aisha was born November 8, 1976 into one of Jamaica’s most famous families with a very diverse heritage. Aisha’s English great-great grandfather, William Harvey, who was an accountant of means, founded and built the Jamaican town of Harvey River, with his brother John Harvey, after immigrating to Jamaica from England. One of Aisha’s ancestors is also another William Harvey, the English physician, who discovered the circulatory system. Another of Aisha’s great-great grandfathers is the brother of Jamaican national hero, Paul Bogle.

Aisha’s dad, Vaughn “Bunny” Goodison, is a radio personality/disc jockey, who is also one of the most famous and sought after musicologists in the world. He has done many print, internet, radio and video interviews, as well as making appearances in award winning documentaries about music. Aisha’s dad also played football for the Jamaica national team in international appearances and was one of the youngest players to ever do so in the nation’s history.

Aisha’s dad later worked for Puma and did so well they invited him to tour the factory in Germany. He was also assigned to be the tour guide and assistant of Puma sponsored football player Pele, during his two week stay in Jamaica during the 1970s. Aisha’s mother was a Miss Jamaica Nation beauty pageant runner-up and assumed the duties of the first place contestant, when she was unable to do so due to family commitments.

Aisha’s aunt, award winning author, Lorna Goodison, is one of the most famous poets in the world. She has authored several acclaimed books and is a university professor in America and Canada. She wrote an acclaimed poem for Winnie and Nelson Mandela entitled “Bedspread” which she read to the esteemed couple during a state visit they made to Jamaica in 1991.